Saturday, October 6, 2007

What's in a Name

Well, for me, a name includes lots of fabric, thread, designing, ironing, and sewing time so I thought I would share the names of my new "Market Quilts" with you... ok, ok these bad boys are SO close to being done, that I may be persuaded to share a photo or two in a little while... but for now, here goes the names
A Dash of Flower, My Romance, Meadow, On The Run, Scrap Happy, Aunt Ann's Garden, and Spice Cake.
Have a happy day!


from little acorns said...

Oh Please , oh please tell me that you were able to recover your patterns from your hard drive. . . ! I know this is the tense time for quilt designers - just before market. . . so I hope that you didn't have to start over with your writing your quilt directions. . . (the yucky part!)
And, yes, oh yes - I would love to get peeks of your new quilts!!!
Thinkng of you! xo - Bren

happy zombie said...

Cute names Mary. I love naming patterns and quilts. Though most of the stuff I actually come up with is not fit to print. VBG.

Can't wait to get a peek at your quilts!