Tuesday, May 29, 2007

100 Years of Quilts at the Cottage

Hi, It has been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks since market. I have been filling orders and handling all the paperwork that goes along with that..

My focus is on the last two quilts for the cottage. (See the picture of the cottage at (www.maryscottagequilts.com) This whole thing started a few years ago when I was looking at the sorry state of the bedding at the cottage. Some of the quilts looked like they had been there since the beginning of time.

My family and I decided that something needed to be done and it should be done in time for the big Centennial Celebration that would be happening in the summer of 2007.

Of course I volunteered for this job and have had a ton of fun doing it. I have now designed and pieced ten of the twelve quilts that have to be finished by the end of June. Gee, nothing like waiting until the last minute, it's not like this celebration "snuck" up on me..

The last two quilts that are in the works are for my Aunt's room. Her room has windows on three sides and a lot of light streams in through them. I think Aunt Gracie's fabrics will be perfect for these two quilts.

There is also a Kaffe quilt in my head that I am just dying to make for my room at the lake - of course the quilt for my bed is already done, but now I want something "different"... I just don't know if I can pull off three quilts in such a small amount of time.

Please check back in July as I will post some pictures of the big Centennial Celebration.

While I was at the quilt shop today I saw that Roman Holiday by Moda is now in, don't think I can restrain myself. must... have... some!!

Tomorrow I am going back to Elaine's Quilt Block and give my husband a nice Fathers day gift by getting him some of this beautiful fabric. (yeah right!)

Have a great day. It's almost June! (my favorite month)


Saturday, May 12, 2007

Quilt Market 2007

Well, I just finished my first Quilt Market with my maryscottagequilts designs as a first time exhibitor and it was so amazing. Over 3,000 exhibitors and 5,000 quilt enthusiasts all in one place! The local paper called it Disneyland for quilters, but I would say it was better than that, it was a Hawaii vacation via Alaska, Europe and the spa all mixed into one.......

Getting there was a lot of work - from designing and sewing all the quilts to planning and setting up the booth and everything in between. I am very lucky to have an awesome man and friends who helped me a ton.

My booth was in a great spot - right near Moda - what more could you ask for. The first day of setup all we did was string up the curtains and table drapes which were all cream so my booth looked very drab...

The next day we brought in the quilts, tables and chairs, The green chair was my favorite. Next came the patterns, lamps and the rest of the stuff. Overall, I think it looked pretty good.

I can never picture how things are going to look until after they are done and then I say "cool" or "yuck", but I was pleasantly surprised with my booth.

I met a lot of awesome people. Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilts was so nice! I had met her at Market in Houston last fall and we had talked about how I was going to try to get into Spring Market in SLC. I called her before market with about 15 questions and she was so kind and helpful to me -I appreciated it so much!

Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill visited the quilt shop I work at so I met her the day before market started - what a nice lady! I also met Pam of Pamkittymorning at sample spree - she just cracks me up! I'm the one who gave her my "Utah bag".

Me and My Sister were my "next door neighbors" and were so friendly too. I also had the pleasure of meeting Quilters Home Magazine editor, Mark Lipinski, what a bundle of energy he is!!!

Finally, I had the great opportunity to listen to the "Rockstar of Quilting" Kaffe Fassett! He gave a slide presentation on his quilts, his design philosophy and color theory.

All in all market was a lot of hard work but well worth all the sweat, stress and sewing. We will have to see what Houston brings - I will be there!
I would love to hear about your experiences at Market!