Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Outa Here!!

Well, I finally finished my "to do" list and I am off to the big shindig (see previous post)! I can hardly wait to sit on the plane and do NOTHING!
I have been working on the last two quilts, just got them back from the quilter on Saturday, the bindings are on, just need to hand sew them on the back and put labels on all quilts and then I am officially done... and ready for this vacation.
I am taking a few roman holiday fat quarters with me - I think they need a vacation too :)
I'll write more when I get back

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My List

Pam tagged me with the list thing - how fun is that, I have never been tagged before so this is just way too cool.

Just got back from Vegas (had to help dh with one of his boring financial trade shows but, he helped me with market so paybacks - gotta love em).

In reality, he humored me there as well as we spent the off-hours visiting two nice quilt shops in North Las Vegas; The Christmas Goose and Nancy's Quilt Shop.

He slept in the car and I spent the gambling money on a sure thing, (Fabric) He didn't see it that way, but I didn't care, I came home with something tangible and he didn't come home with anything communicable.

Now it's my turn to write down "my list". Actually I love lists, I love the satisfaction of crossing things out when I have finished them. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment.

So here goes...

1). Finish the last two quilts for the 100th year celebration.

1a) Figure out how to make 12 labels to put on the backs of the 12 quilts (does anyone know a good way to do this - and to have the ink permanent - is there a way to do this on the computer as I have already designed the label in Word)

2). Get photos of all extended family members and help my cousin do a kick butt photo montage dvd set to music - hopefully with lots of "tear factor".

3). Get baby photos of said family members to play a game at family party for the 100th celebration.

4). Send off Mom's Mother's Day gift (don't even GO there)

5). Clean this disaster of a house (this one is for dh if he reads this).

6). Get that Kaffe quilt out of my head (see previous post). I bought more fabric today at Whimsy Cottage- they have a beautiful selection of Kaffe and other brights.

7). Bind Mason's Eye Spy Quilt (it is so cute - I'll post a photo when it is done)

8). Make my kimono for Shop Hop. That would be the Wasatch Front Shop Hop which is in June. I work at Elaine's Quilt Block and our country is China.

9). Buy more Roman Holiday fabric.

10). Get me a Big Gulp filled with Diet Pepsi (my drink of choice) so I can do all of the above.

I don't know many people in the bloggy universe so I'll just tag one person. Sweet Brenda from Acorn Quilts

Oh, and one more (this is for Happy Zombie)

Finally return Daniel Craig's phone calls... My husband hates him as Bond, says he would do better in a rougher role, not a sophisticated one! (Must be a male thing)

Well, I'm off to work on this beast of a list - wish me luck!! :)