Friday, August 1, 2008

The Vacation (part 2)

I left Rochester and flew to The City (only my third time in the city in my WHOLE life) I know, pretty lame considering I grew up in the state!

Husband had a trade show and I was there to help! Here is a list of all the stuff we did while we were there for 4 days (that would be 4 fun packed days).

Ground Zero
Empire State Building (rode up to the top at night)
Lion King
Very good Italian Restaurant (I can't for the life or me remember the name)
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park
Times Square
Harbor Cruise
Spanish Restaurant

We rode to this to Wicked (I wanted a broom or at least a bike but there were none to be had).

Tiffany & Co (notice the little bag in my hand...)

It was a great trip and I absoultely LOVED Wicked. Here are some more photos from the harbor cruise.

Flew back to Rochester for another week of R & R (more to come). Here is the big city of Rochester

One more cool picture from the plane (not very good) but you can see where the Finger Lakes get their name. I think I can see 4 different lakes in this pic.

Gotta run now, I'll write again soon
Have a great day!


from little acorns said...

I have never been to NYC - but would love to some time. . . Your photos are great - It looks like you had a great time!. . . (especially with your little blue bag!)
xo, Bren

Camille said...

What a fun trip! New York City is my absolute favorite city! I am SO jealous that you've seen Wicked. Someday! Someday... So what was in the bag?

Simply This That and the Other... said...

Email me. ;o)