Monday, August 18, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Just like the Prince song.... Little Red Corvette!!!

Hey, First of all, Thanks SO much to everyone who left comments on my blog. It was so fun to read all of them! I LOVED IT!!!
Since there can only be one winner.... here goes. I even documented the whole random name drawing affair.

drum roll please......

There are the names in the hat

That would be my trusty assistant's hand picking out the winner and it is.....


You are the lucky winner of some cool stuff in your very own Shur Fine shopping bag (you will be the envy of all your neighbors). Email me your address and I will send the cool stuff speedily to you.

Thanks to all who played along with my game - I really appreciated your comments. And just because you played, we have a lovely parting gift for you! I will send all who left comments on my blog a quilt pattern of your choice. Simply visit my website and choose a pattern. Then, email me your choice along with your address and I will send the pattern to you - simple as that! Thanks again to all who played!
Please check back often, you never know when another giveaway could happen..
Thanks to all and goodnight!

I'll get back to you on the exact years and models of the other cars


chook said...

wow your new car is sooo very cool
congrats to the winner
now wow you are so very kind to give all the other commenters a pattern thank you very much
I will send you an email now
big hugs Beth

suz said...

extremely cool car! How nice of you to extend such a generous offer - I'm heading to your site now. Thank you so much. SuzK

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

You are so sweet! Love your new car ;)

PamKittyMorning said...

Now really, a mom with a red corvette! Mary!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so was fun to play along. Great car. My husband would be SOOOOO jealous, but then I think his Corvette will be a motor home ( his retirement dream). Drive in good health. Hugs, Annie from San Diego

Camille said...

That isn't fair! What a sweet little car! (And by sweet, I mean SWEET) :-)