Sunday, December 7, 2008

I got tagged!!!

Sweet Ali tagged me for this cool survey so here goes....

I am: a wife, mom, sister, daughter, aunt, University of Utah fan, and quilt pattern designer
I think: I try to look for the good in others
I know: my mamma loves me (she always tells me “when your day is really crappy, just remember “your mamma loves you”)
I want: more time in the day
I have: the best family in the world!
I dislike: wet feet, running late, and doing laundry
I miss: my NY family....a lot.
I fear: being alone
I feel: so happy when I can talk to old friends on the phone!
I hear: the sounds of the lake on the 3rd of July
I smell: fresh baked chocolate chip cookies... yum!
I crave: being at the lake in the summertime
I usually: can be found at the local 7-11 at lunchtime picking up a "big gulp" diet pepsi and a bag of baked lays potato chips
I cry: when I feel overwhelmed
I search: for new fun restaurants
I wonder: what will happen in let's say, 5 years
I regret: not being able to ask dad and grandparents questions about what life was like when they were young
I wish: I lived closer to my mom
I love: my family SO much
I care: about the dear "people of advanced age" in my neighborhood
I always: try to look at the positive side of things even when the situation really sucks
I worry: way too much about everything and everyone. My brother calls me “Nervous Nelly”
I am not: very good at sending birthday cards
I remember: my dad, and I smile
I believe: in the goodness of people
I sing: only in the car when the radio is on loud (I usually sing along with Bruce)
I argue: but I still never win.
I write: no one… I am very bad!!
I win: very few arguments
I lose: (misplace) dumb things and it drives me crazy!
I don't understand: whiners and complainers
I can usually be found: at Rice Eccles Stadium on game days or your local quilt shop any day..
I need: more fabric (DUH)!!
I forget: birthdays
I am happy: up at the Huntsman Center watching a college basketball game with the family
I tag: Pam, Anne, Anne, Elizbeth, Lissa, Brenda, Jodi, Lindsey, and Camille (if ya'll want to do it), and anyone else who would like to take a survey that makes you think.