Friday, August 29, 2008

What to do while cheering my team on... hmmmm

So, it's the start of the college football season tomorrow and I am very excited... Now I just have to find something to do while I watch my team

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Information Please

DH thought some of you might be interested in what those cars were so here goes..

1). 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible (the red one with the top down) I think that one had the most guesses.
2). 2000 C5 Chevrolet Corvette (the black one).
3). Brand New 2009 Dodge Challenger (very similar to the 70's challenger). The car in the photo is 1 of 2 in the state of Utah right now.(it's the one with the hood up)
4). 2008 C5 Chevrolet Corvette (the red one).
5). Oh, and that "old guy" in the photo is the big guy himself..a vintage 1960's "old fart" (he said it.. not me...).
All these cars live pretty close to me (with the exception of the Challenger). I guess every neighborhood has its share of "car guys".
Have a great weekend.

I am still waiting on some addresses - email them to me and I will send all the "commenters" from my giveaway on August 11th a free pattern!

And Erynn, I am still waiting to hear from you! You're the winner!!

it's official... only 8 weeks until market.. eeek!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

Just like the Prince song.... Little Red Corvette!!!

Hey, First of all, Thanks SO much to everyone who left comments on my blog. It was so fun to read all of them! I LOVED IT!!!
Since there can only be one winner.... here goes. I even documented the whole random name drawing affair.

drum roll please......

There are the names in the hat

That would be my trusty assistant's hand picking out the winner and it is.....


You are the lucky winner of some cool stuff in your very own Shur Fine shopping bag (you will be the envy of all your neighbors). Email me your address and I will send the cool stuff speedily to you.

Thanks to all who played along with my game - I really appreciated your comments. And just because you played, we have a lovely parting gift for you! I will send all who left comments on my blog a quilt pattern of your choice. Simply visit my website and choose a pattern. Then, email me your choice along with your address and I will send the pattern to you - simple as that! Thanks again to all who played!
Please check back often, you never know when another giveaway could happen..
Thanks to all and goodnight!

I'll get back to you on the exact years and models of the other cars


I will post the winner later today!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Giveaway! A Giveaway!! I'm Having A Giveaway!

Yea GIVEAWAY!!!! (I was never that good at subtle)

Here are the official rules:

1). Leave a comment (1 per person please) on my blog with your car guess - what do you think hubby traded in MY car for? (hint, it's one of these four).

2). Hey, gals from my hood.... you're dq'd.

3). All correct answers will go into a hat and I will pick a random winner out of that hat in a totally random manner.

4). You have until Friday, August 15th so choose wisely.

5). I'll send you out some cool stuff - I'll even put it in your own official Shur Fine shopping bag!!

Good Luck to all!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation (the end)

Here we are...Laying around just like the dog!! Hey, isn't that the way it's supposed to be??? Well, the rest of our time in NY was awesome!

We picked strawberries from here and I always tell everybody "you have not eaten a strawberry until you have tasted a New York strawberry that is warm and right off the vine" YUM!!!

We went shopping at the greatest grocery store in the world! I don't know if you have ever had the pleasure of shopping at a Wegmans, but it is worth the trip!! Count your blessings if you live close to one! This is the Geneseo Wegmans.

We were able to just hang out with family. I love that! I always say that the only thing wrong with my family is that they are too far away! We stayed at the cottage the whole time and just played in the water, went boating, ate dinner on the porch every night and just had a very relaxing time. I wish it could have been longer... Can you see the tiny thumbnail moon I was able to catch!

On the way out of town we had to make one more stop at the coolest little store at the lake. It is called Shoreless Acres. They have all the necessities + the makings for smores' and penny candy too!!!

When we got home I found out that my husband had traded my car in for this......

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Vacation (part 2)

I left Rochester and flew to The City (only my third time in the city in my WHOLE life) I know, pretty lame considering I grew up in the state!

Husband had a trade show and I was there to help! Here is a list of all the stuff we did while we were there for 4 days (that would be 4 fun packed days).

Ground Zero
Empire State Building (rode up to the top at night)
Lion King
Very good Italian Restaurant (I can't for the life or me remember the name)
American Museum of Natural History
Central Park
Times Square
Harbor Cruise
Spanish Restaurant

We rode to this to Wicked (I wanted a broom or at least a bike but there were none to be had).

Tiffany & Co (notice the little bag in my hand...)

It was a great trip and I absoultely LOVED Wicked. Here are some more photos from the harbor cruise.

Flew back to Rochester for another week of R & R (more to come). Here is the big city of Rochester

One more cool picture from the plane (not very good) but you can see where the Finger Lakes get their name. I think I can see 4 different lakes in this pic.

Gotta run now, I'll write again soon
Have a great day!