Friday, April 3, 2009

Ok, so go to fill up my tank with gas the other day when....

I jump out of the car at the service station and to my utter horror, I realize that I AM WEARING MY QUILTING PANTS!!! You know, the ones that I am not supposed to wear out in public because they look so foul! The ones that were black polar fleece at one time, but now resemble a giant lint ball??? And to make matters worse, I have on my ratty University of Utah sweatshirt that I cut the cuffs off of because they were threadbare and too long (imagine that). Luckily I had my trusty U of U baseball hat on so no one would recognize me.

Well, all of that fashion drama got me thinking.... hmmmmm

1). Do you have some favorite comfy outfit that you always wear when doing the quilting / crafting / sewing thing??

2). How old is it??

3). Can said outfit be worn in public without the fear of "gang dressing"?

4). Could you model it in a fashion show?

5). Have you ever run to the store in "the outfit"? (yes, I admit, I did the dirty "milk run" deed in my quilting pants once too).

So if you feel so inclined, leave me a comment and tell me about your adventures in that special outfit. I would LOVE to hear your horror stories (it would make me feel so much better).

Have a great quilting day!

Hope you enjoy the photos... oh, and those threads on my pants.. well, they won't come off - not with a lint brush, or packing tape or a fire hose :)


karenfae said...

I have a pair of black pants something like yours except they are just sweat pants not polar fleece - I don't need anything that warm here in Arkansas. Just plain faded black drawstring sweatpants. I put them on almost every evening to get comfy then I get down to quilting. They almost always have strings hanging on them. I never leave the house with them on and so far haven't accidentally but it is not unusual for my husband to be walking behind me picking of threads from the backs of my sweaters and such - how does it get onto the back of me!

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- you're SO funny! I LOVE that big white thread on those pants. I wear navy blue sweat pants and top that has a little Laurel Burch kitty embroidered on it -- they're about 5 years old and can only be worn out in public if they've just been laundered -- which, unfortunately isn't often enough!

Camille said...

ha ha ha... totally cracked me up! I'm in the same boat, except with me, its ALL my clothes that are covered in thread. I remember going to school when I was kid and being so annoyed when I would find thread on the back of my clothes at the end of the day. Its been a lifelong struggle, thanks to my mom. :-) HOWEVER, I wouldn't be caught dead in U of U.... I shudder at the thought... ;-)

Jackie said...

Thank goodness it was only to get gas!

I don't have a special outfit but I never leave the house in any clothing I quilt in as I can never get all the threads off.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! I have that very same outfit!!! LOL!!!

Christine Thomas said...

This was a very fun post to read. I don't have anything special to quilt in...just getting to quilt is a treat. But I have left the house before in my slippers. The gas pedal felt funny so I was able to go change.

MelissaS said...

A few years ago, my daughter's Kindergarten teacher sent a note home to the Dads asking to send "Mom's favorite outfit" to school for a surprise. Well my Hubbie picked some around the house shorts, a faded tshirt, bandana, and sneakers. So imagine my surprise when at school a few days later, my daughter modeled in the kindergarten fashion show my "favorite" outfit among tennis suits, business suits, and dresses.

Mary said...

All my pants are quilting pants ... meaning they are all covered in a variety of threads at any given time. I'm quite certain my husband gets tired of being a human lint brush.
I do have some bright red crocks that I wear when I'm going to be on my feet (at home, always at home) but I once found myself at the mall and glanced in the mirror because I thought I saw a clown.
Yep ... that would be me ... in the clown shoes.

Janice and Marcea said...

Hi Mary,

Marcea from Abbey Lane Quilts. I have those same pants, but my favorite quilting outfit is my pajamas. oversized heart pants and some long sleeve t-shirt. Sometimes I stay in them for several days in a row. Who has time to get dressed when there is sewing to be done.

barbara@quiltsoup said...

your are too funny! Of course I have that same outfit. Mine is a zippered hoodie (or 2 or 3) that the cuffs are falling off of and they have acid burns in the sleeves from my days in the lab. My pants are brown corduroy that EVERY thread sticks to and I hold them up with my husband's old black belt. I complete this ensemble with a turtleneck that is a frayed as the sweatshirt. I want to keep my outfit all in the same genre! You are most welcome for fabric. Please send pics when you get them.

Pamela said...

I just laughed when I read this post and then I looked a little closer ~ you're from Utah (sweatshirt!) me too!! Thanks for a great post.