Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Road Trip

Ok, so it's a very "yorky" day here (that's my mom's word for a grey, cloudy, rain filled day). But, Valerie and I are going down to the Utah Valley Quilt Guild Market today!! I am so excited! We will have a booth there and I will have my quilts and patterns and kits and it all just sounds SO fun, I can hardly wait!!! So, if you're in the area..... stop by and say hi! There will be approx 15 different quilt pattern designers there for this event.
Have a great (and hopefully sun filled) day!

This photo was taken on Easter Sunday. Enjoy the mountains!


karenfae said...

that is such a pretty picture of the mountains. Do you live in Idaho? or Utah? We use to be in Idaho and are going out there this summer & Yellowstone & Grand Tetons too.

from little acorns said...

I just flew over SLC & the beautiful snow capped mountains last week. . . so pretty! Hope you had fun!
xo, Bren

solomi558 said...

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