Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This one is all about my MOM!

Ok, so I feel like I've totally dissed my mom. I have posted about my awesome brother, and my dear dad, so I figured it's now Mom's turn!!

What to say about my mom. I know daughters think their moms can do anything but... I swear she really can! She is a little ball of fire. She can cram more things into one day than any one else I know. It amazes me.

She has always been such an example to me. First of all she is the most compassionate person I know. She is a retired R.N. so I think it comes with the territory. But it's more than just that, she really cares about people and once you are her friend, you're a friend for life. She has always treated people with love and caring.

She takes the time to do the little things with her grandkids.

She loves to laugh which is a trait her mother had too. There have been many times when we have had absolute hysterics (sometimes at the wrong times) over some very funny stuff.

As I was looking at my limited library of digital photos, it was impossible to find pictures of just her. There were always other people in the photos with her. I guess that kind of sums up my mom. Her happy, positive nature and her "can do" attitude make her a joy to be around.

I wish you lived closer Mom, I miss you so.
Love you!



Ann's blog said...

Oh Mary, what a beautiful tribute to your dear Mom. I enjoyed reading it and how nice to have those photos of her as a young lady. I hope she reads your blog.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Great post!! I love those older pictures and I have that yellow mixing bowl ;o)

Christine said...

What a nice post about your mom. I can tell you love her with all your heart!

Marie said...

Moms are special. My mother has been dead for almost two years and I miss her so much. There is always so much that I want to tell her or show her or ask her. You did such a nice tribute to your mom.

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Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Lovely! I hope she reads this.