Wednesday, September 30, 2009

just a little peek

I thought I would give all of you just a little sneak peek. These are all of my new fall quilts that will be heading to Market next week (or should I say, shipping to market this week).

I am all finished except for some last minute things, like taking my patterns to the printer and boxing up all of my stuff to send out by friday eeek! I don't have near as many boxes as Ann. I think she should win some kind of prize.

I will post "big" photos of the new quilts next week so keep checking back.

Happy Quilting (or in my case, happy packing)


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Few and Far Between

It seems that the closer market creeps, the more time passes between posts hmmmmm.. I really should look into that.

Just a quick update on all the happenings here at Mary's Cottage Quilts:
The sewing machine is working overtime - I just hope I don't walk into the sewing room one morning and find it laying on the floor...
The computer is also working overtime.
The camera is also working overtime.
and yeah, so am I...

I am all done (see last post) with my own stuff, now just working on some goodies for other booths. I did get a helper as you can see from the photo above. He's not really that good yet - doesn't have that whole 1/4" seam thing down, so we just let him observe for now. He's actually Lindsey's dog Bosco.

I did want to wish my all time favorite singer a very Happy Birthday today so here goes...

xxoo mary

Thursday, September 17, 2009

DONE, Done,DOne, donE, doNE!!!!

Yay for me!!! I am DONE (in case you didn't get the memo)!!! I have finished sewing all the market quilts for MY booth! What an awesome feeling. Still lots of photographing, pattern writing, pattern printing, pattern stuffing, shipping, and all that. But.... The quilts are done :)
Here are their names - as of today.. there may be some changes, I don't know yet.
Boston Cream Pie
Old Timers (this one might change)
Sweet Tea
Cross Country
and.... one more unnamed thing..

Since I don't want to show any of my quilts just yet... here are some of the other photos I snapped while on my various photo shoots around the valley. The weather here is simply gorgeous, but, I do feel like a human pack mule.

and then I trapped Ann in the phone booth.. muhaaa

no, not really :)

Have a great day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11

We Are One

I will forever remember where I was and the feelings I had on that sad day and I will also never forget how our country came together.
I titled this quilt "We Are One"