Monday, March 15, 2010

We Interrupt this Blog to Bring You an Important Public Service Announcement!

Ok, So, last Monday night (a week ago) I am getting ready for bed and I turn on the dishwasher and go upstairs (like I do every night). I am fiddling around on the computer when I hear these weird noises downstairs so I check them out.

I walk downstairs and enter the kitchen and there is SMOKE coming out of the dishwasher!!! You know, that stinky, black electrical fire kind of smoke! I run over and open the door of the dishwasher which turns off the cycle then I run back to the stairs and start yelling for Scott to come downstairs NOW! We both enter the kitchen and there are now FLAMES coming out of the dishwasher!!


We get everything under control and are in clean up mode when my mind starts working.... What if we had gone to bed??? How long would it have burned before the smoke alarm alerted us???

When I think of the things that could have happened and what did.. It just scares me so!!

So there's my story about the flaming dishwasher of doom, and here comes the public service announcement part... Please, NEVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE WITH THE DISHWASHER, THE DRYER OR THE CLOTHES WASHER ON!! When I think of what could have happened - it's just too scary!!!

Anyway, the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day today and I am washing dishes by hand - like they did in the "olden days".

Have a great day and please be careful!!!!

Oh, here is the quilt I made for my Mom (it's my ON THE RUN pattern and we added one row to the bottom), we worked on it together when she was out here for Thanksgiving and I think it turned out great! She loves it too!!


jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Sorry your dishwasher went up in flames! Holy cow! But, Love your public service announcement! I NEVER leave my dryer, dishwasher, washing machine going when I'm gone. One day I was doing a massive amount of laundry. Something smelled funny in the laundry room. Upon further inspection our dryer was hotter then you know what! My husband took the whole thing apart. Couldn't find anything. Son #2 happens to work for an appliance store. They said to check the vent. Sure enough someone had put something up against the house on the back patio. Right over the vent! Easily fixed but what would have happened, if I hadn't been home?

Wendy_MT said...

Truly sorry about your dishwasher! I am washing dishes like the old days this past week also as ours did just the opposite ... it flooded our hardwood floors and the crawl-space. Factory defect had the supply hose to the top break and we didn't notice it until the floors started cupping. BLAH! My husband's a fireman so would agree with you on the firesafety issues ... we aren't allowed to burn candles unless they're on a birthday cake here. :) Take care and use lots of lotion on your hands after washing dishes.

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

That is scary!! On a smaller scary note, one time I was sewing and had my iron right next to me and all of a sudden flames shot out of it! Luckily, I was right there and unplugged it right away. What if I had left the room with it on? Yikes!!

little acorns said...

Oh my!. . . I'm so glad that you are safe! How scary though. I'm a stickler for not leaving home with any appliances on. I've heard warnings (& now stories too!) Yikes!
xo, Bren

a little bit biased said...

Great. One more thing to worry about! J/K. But thanks for sharing that story. I'll need to be better about that! Glad you were there to catch it! That is so scary to think about the "what if's"!

suz said...

Holy cow! So glad everything turned out all right!

the Material Girls Quilts said...

Oh, I am famous for leaving my everything on when I am gone!! I even set my dishwasher to run in the middle of the night, so I don't have to hear it. Now you've got me thinking......, Scary!