Wednesday, June 16, 2010


If you are in the vicinity of Salt Lake City Utah then you already know that IT'S SHOP HOP TIME!!! I can't wait to get "out and about" and see what's going on!!! I hope everyone has a very fun and safe time!! Good luck shop owners - you can relax, take a breath, and put your feet up on Sunday!
Happy Hopping!!

In Honor of Shop Hop I think I'll have a giveaway... Leave me a comment - if you were able to go to shop hop then let me know if you saw my quilts hanging anywhere. If you don't live here in good ole' SLC then just leave me a comment about your favorite part of shop hop. I'll pick 5 random winners next Monday (oh, which just happens to be my BIRTHDAY!!!!!) and you can pick out one your favorite patterns from me :)

Have fun!!


Jenny said...

happy birthday!
shop favorite part...oh im embarrassed, ive never been on one!
but i would like the sales. i would like the freebies, and i would like driving all over with a fabric friend talking non stop fabric!

Kathie said...

well first of all happy birthday!
favorite part of shop hops is going with friends with the picnic baskets packed with the best goodies of course they must be eaten in the car while driving from shop to shop.
who has time to stop for lunch????
Always lots of fun sharing what we bought and talking about the ones we should have bought!

Cheri C. said...

I do believe those beautiful quilts were at Threads and Thimbles... or is it Thimbles and Threads... saw them tonight - way cute!!

I have seen some before over at Pine Needles but that is on tomorrow's trip out... They were switching everything around but there was one quilt up a couple weeks ago of your pattern... loved it as well.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary, I am a shop hopaholic.Sorry I can not come to Utah to try your shop hop. My last shop hop was the 13th Annual Twin City Shop Hop.I make my first round to see what each shop has and to get ideas for my next project. The second time around I take my sister and niece with me to buy. Happy Birthday. Phyllis W

Anonymous said...

I love shop hops...all though it's been a while since I've been on one. I love seeing the variety of fabric and theme between the shops...and of course the shopping is always the best part of the hop :D Happy Birthday too!

Kim Nielsen

Trisha said...

Oh! I love Sugar Sweet! I was at Youth Conference as a team leader, darn it all to heck! I mean to say, woo hoo I was at Youth Conference the very same weekend as shop hop here in Utah. I have made my first few quilts this year and was so excited to go to shop hop! Oh well, something to look forward to next year, right? Thanks for the sweet of you!

Cathie said...


Hope you had an absolutely fabulous birthday! We so much enjoyed displaying your many beautiful quilts during shop hop and through the month of June. Our guests had so many wonderful comments and enjoyed your amazing work. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I got to your page a little late. I wish I was there to shop hop.
I would love to win one of your patterns. Thanks
Paula S