Friday, July 9, 2010

those lazy days of summer... where have they gone?

I know, I started this post like 100 years ago... but.. I do have a list of excuses dealing with my lack of blogging (if you need an one please feel free to borrow one of these)

1. It's the "lazy summer days" and I sitting on my lawn chair drinking strawberry lemonade or something and eating bonbons.
2. My dog ate all of my quilts and now I have to make more.
3. I had to take the kids to swimming.
4. I have to clean my sewing room (you could insert the house here too).
5. I've been working like a house elf on some UFO's.
6. I had to make dinner.
7. I got this great deal on fat quarters now I have to find something to do with them.

I'll be glad to share my list - just pick your favorite excuse or make up a new one!

I did actually want to show ya'll how different the same quilt can look simply by changing the fabric / colors!
All of these quilts are made from my pattern "On The Run". The pattern comes with instructions for 2 different sizes and all of these are the smaller size except for the last one - I made for my mom and I added a row or 2 to it to make it twin size. So sit back and enjoy my mini quilt show... I've gotta go, I think I hear my lawn chair calling me ;)

made by my friend Vickie

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Amy said...

I need to get this pattern. I love how it looks in all of these different fabrics. Thanks for sharing that with us.