Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, it's official... the Olympics are over.. gotta get back to work... but I have LOVED watching them!!

Now it's on to the Quilting Olympics.. Ya'll know, those months that lead up to Market (when we all work like crazy)! So, starting tomorrow, I'll be picking fabric, designing, and sewing like a mad woman for awhile.. wish me luck!

I'll keep you posted too.

Happy Sewing

I WISH I had some pretty pictures of flowers and stuff to post.. but, it's still too cold here for pretty things.. So for your viewing pleasure here is a cute photo of my dad when he was a little kid - probably taken in about 1926 (printed from glass negatives - pretty cool huh?)

Monday, February 15, 2010

sometimes all it takes is a little step back...

I worked at Elaine's Quilt Block, a long time ago and there was a quilt that was all the rage back then... It was a lovely sampler quilt and A LOT of people were making it. We even kitted it in the most beautiful Civil War fabrics ever. I remember helping a lady pick out some backing fabric for her sampler quilt. She was so excited to finally finish it, take it to the quilter and get er' done. Well, about 6 month passed and I didn't see her, one day she came into the store and I was excited to ask her how the sampler quilt had turned out. She let out a laugh and told me her story. She had sewn it all together, sewn on the borders, gotten it quilted, bound it, and hung it on the wall...Then, and ONLY then, did she notice that she had put the Tree of Life block upside down . I asked her what she did and she told me that she hung the whole quilt upside down and then the Tree of Life was right side up and it looked great!

I've been thinking a lot about that lately and wondering what would have happened if she had just put the quilt on the floor and stepped back from time to time during the whole process. Would she have seen the upside down Tree of Life block a lot sooner and maybe even corrected the mistake before it was sewn together, quilted and bound.

I think that's the way it is in life. Sometimes we just have to take a step back to see the big picture. Then we can keep what we like and change or fix what we don't like.

So, today, maybe just take a little step back (from quilting or life or whatever) so you can see the big picture - perspective is a wonderful thing!

Have a super day!

Here is one of my quilts from a different perspective (and my patient quilt holders)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

just messing around with the backgrounds here

Hi Everyone!
I'm just taking a little break from sewing borders and thought I would play around with the background in my blog. As you can tell, I am learning..... Hope you all enjoy this background because it could change tomorrow! Have a great day!