Sunday, July 18, 2010

9 interesting facts

Today I thought I would share 10 random things about me. Some are funny and some are probably just plain weird but oh well...

1. I always listen to Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook CD's when writing patterns - I don't know why, it's just soothing to me.
2. At the 7-11 my drink of choice is a Big Gulp of 3/4 Diet Coke and 1/4 Diet Pepsi.
3. I pretend to like running but most of the time I just tolerate it.. But, I do like it when I am done though.
4. If I didn't sew all the time, I would probably have a job in the printing industry - it just fascinates me.
5. I have a 4 color pen (you know the orange bic one that you had in 6th grade)and I use every day.
6. I'm really only 5'1 3/4 even though I say I am 5'2.
7. I HATE wet feet.
8. I am a terrible speller (thank you spell check).
9. I LOVE office supply and stationery stores
10. I LOVE to take pictures - some are good and some are not so good...

I really liked this turkey, it was behind a fence so I couldn't get a very good shot but I love the colors on his head!

Friday, July 9, 2010

those lazy days of summer... where have they gone?

I know, I started this post like 100 years ago... but.. I do have a list of excuses dealing with my lack of blogging (if you need an one please feel free to borrow one of these)

1. It's the "lazy summer days" and I sitting on my lawn chair drinking strawberry lemonade or something and eating bonbons.
2. My dog ate all of my quilts and now I have to make more.
3. I had to take the kids to swimming.
4. I have to clean my sewing room (you could insert the house here too).
5. I've been working like a house elf on some UFO's.
6. I had to make dinner.
7. I got this great deal on fat quarters now I have to find something to do with them.

I'll be glad to share my list - just pick your favorite excuse or make up a new one!

I did actually want to show ya'll how different the same quilt can look simply by changing the fabric / colors!
All of these quilts are made from my pattern "On The Run". The pattern comes with instructions for 2 different sizes and all of these are the smaller size except for the last one - I made for my mom and I added a row or 2 to it to make it twin size. So sit back and enjoy my mini quilt show... I've gotta go, I think I hear my lawn chair calling me ;)

made by my friend Vickie

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 3rd at Conesus Lake

This is where I wish I was today - at the lake celebrating with my family!

At Conesus Lake we have always celebrated the 4th of July on the 3rd of July (I know, weird huh..) Family, parties, boat parades, bonfires, a ton of fireworks and the Ring of Fire in the evening.

We celebrated the 100th anniversary of the cottage a couple of years ago and I can still remember how much fun we all had.

So, here's to my family, Happy 3rd, we are thinking about you all and love you so much!

Here's wishing all of you - HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!