Monday, March 7, 2011

Ok, ok, here goes the totally cool scoop!!

Ok, so here I am once again.. spilling beans.

Some of you know that International Spring Quilt Market 2011 is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah...which is my hood!!!! (and that's pretty cool if you ask me).

Some of the Utah based designers (pattern designers, fabric designers etc) are putting together a super awesome promo / "booth hop" called All Dolled Up in Salt Lake City! This is very cool if you are a shop owner coming to market... We are celebrating this super awesome promo by putting together a quilt or two.

Each of us has been asked to design a quilt block based on a doll (think paper doll here). We were given a template for the doll and some fabric to use for clothing etc. We all used the provided paper doll template then dressed her up however we wanted (you know, really make her "our own") these blocks will then be made into a quilt or two and displayed in the Riley Blake booth at market. I think the quilt/quilts will be given away as prizes.

We also each made a doll block for our own booth. The instructions for the blocks and the quilt will be featured on the All Dolled Up in SLC website I mentioned earlier.

I am super excited to share my doll with you. Now, any of you who know me, know that I am not a blond but... I just thought that blond hair went with my doll in this setting :). I am not an applequer (is that even a word?) But, I like how it turned out.

So, without further yammering on.... here's my girl!

I used brown buttons for the coconuts on the tree and a cool pin from my friend Valerie for the sunglasses. My friend Ann wrote my name about 25 times and I copied it to make my signature. When I told her I used brown for coconuts she said "Oh no, You didn't make a coconut bra did you"! I laughed so hard! Now I totally wish I had done that!!!




a little bit biased said...

Oh that's so cute Mary! It's going to be fun to see everyone's. I have been so worried about mine and that it might not fit in! I guess I can post mine now too. Good job. It's really cute!!

tammy said...

I love it and can't wait for market

Cathie said...

What a fun idea. I can't wait to see them all at Quilt Market. I love your doll block! However(I blame this on you because it never would have occurred to me without your mentioning it)I now have coconut bra permanently etched into my brain and I think you need to design another block...

Gail said...

What a fun promo! love your doll. hope I get to see the finished product at market.

Ann said...

You know that if you make the coconut bra doll, you have to wear the same outfit to market! hee hee *Love your french knots!*

Jan Marie said...

Totally cute doll. Can't wait to see the quilts.