Thursday, May 19, 2011


You guys are all so sweet!! I loved reading all of your comments! Thanks!
It's raining here today.. My mom calls these kind of days "yorky kinds of days" not sure why but now I say it too! Hope it is nicer weather wherever you are.
Now without any further yammering on... Here are the winners of my giveaway.......
1. Gamma Jane
2. Wendy P.

Yay you guys!!! Email me your address' and I'll send you the goods!

Thanks to you all for playing and leaving me such kind words
Happy quilting!
I'll write about the market experience another day!

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Anonymous said...

it's my understanding you are going to post the instructions for each block of the quilt made with all the girls on it. Is that correct? I, and many others, love that quilt and want to make one.