Monday, June 27, 2011


Holy Crap! You wouldn't believe what I did last weekend... and it had nothing to do with sewing!!!!

I ran a relay race called RAGNAR .

Here we are (van #1) leaving at 3:30am to drive up to Logan Utah to start the race. Don't we all look wide awake and ready to go??

At the finish line in Park City Utah!! We all survived!

We started on Friday and finished on Saturday. When it was all over, I said "no way, never again will I ever do this"!! But by the time Monday rolled around I was saying.. "IF I was to do it again I would do this and this and this.." and then by Tuesday I was saying "It was fun!" I can't believe I am saying that!

During the race

Pretty views along the way!

After it was all said and done... I am doing it again next year.


rubyslipperz said...

There REALLY ARE some beautiful places in Utah!! and, you gals are all Q-TEEEs too! I'm in admiring mode right!


Cathie said...

Mary, What an accomplishment and an experience to cherrish for the rest of your life. You are amazing!